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It is my hope that this blog will help bring you back to the biblical narrative as a source of wisdom, guidance, and purpose.

Topic: “Made In God’s Image?”

Discussion: In one of my recent meetings with my Oasis group, we were discussing how amazed we were at the mystery of the statement that we are all “Made in God’s image,” and yet, the mystery is that God has no image.

As we delved deeper, the two main points became clearer: On one hand we are privileged, unlike the animal world, to be made in the image of the divine, but that alone will produce hubris; So, hand-in-hand with this comes responsibility. And the responsibility is, “Be fertile and increase, fill the earth and master it, and rule the fish of the sea; the birds of the sky, and all the living things that creep on the earth…” Genesis 1:28. We must take responsibility for the welfare of the world. A balance is needed in our lives.

All creatures, regardless of gender, race, and economics are made “In The Image” and the group discussed the fact that the seeds of democracy are planted in this overarching biblical theme that we are all of equal worth and unique.

Thought: Do you agree with this interpretation? How do you explain the contradiction of “In His Image” when there is no image?